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A lot of NGOs provide an ecosystem to support students from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue their primary and secondary education. However this support often ends after the 10th grade causing a lot of students specially girls to drop out of the system due to family pressure & financial constraints. They go back to a life of oppression where they are forced to stay at home, get married or even pushed into earning a living through labour intensive jobs.

Their education fails to uplift them from their environment and prevents upward generational socio-economic mobility.

Named after Savitribai Phule who pioneered education for girls in India, the Savitribai-FEELL Scholarship program identifies girls from underprivileged backgrounds with tremendous leadership potential in the 10th grade and enrolls them into a holistic educational ecosystem for 30 months that completely funds their entire future education and helps get them admissions into the top universities in India and the world.



Financial Assistance

100% financial assistance for their high school fees (11th & 12th grade), tuition class fees & every expense associated with applying to colleges to pursue their undergraduate degree. We will also ensure that each of our students are fully financed to be able to complete their undergraduation completely cost free.

Career & Application Support

Complete support with career exploration, mapping, identification, application and skill building, college selection and applications free of cost.

1 on 1 Weekly Mentorship

1 on 1 weekly mentorship meetings for a period of 2.5 years from the time they start their 11th grade till the time they settle into college that keeps a track of their academic & personal growth.

Family Counselling & Support

Regular workshops and sessions with parents to allay misinformation and facilitate a home environment that is supportive of the child and her education.

Mental health support

Access to mental health professionals free of cost to help our scholars cope with academic & social pressures.

Personality, Communication & Leadership Training

A framework executed through workshops & activities to help them develop their personality and improve their communication & leadership skills- meant to make them self sufficient to not only cope but thrive in foreign environments that they would encounter when in college.

Access to Global Leaders

Access to the same international leaders  and mentors that our FEELL fellows have access to. Money should not act as a barrier to prevent these brilliant girls from having access to quality education.

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