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India's next generation of dreamers & changemakers

The FEELL 150 changemakers are exclusively leaders of social enterprises/non-profits & other social community initiatives between the ages of 15-18 who have driven significant impact in their local communities and thus have demonstrated leadership potential at a young age.


They have been handpicked by our esteemed Global Council for Impact Leadership out of thousands of potential candidates across India, to carry forward the baton in impact leadership. 


What is the Global Council of Impact Leadership?

The Global Council comprises world leaders, industry veterans, and academic premiers from across the world who have grown large organisations across industries and impacted millions of lives. They are, therefore, best placed to identify a new generation of young changemakers to take forward the baton in impact leadership.


Through this award, the council has identified a new generation of changemakers with significant leadership potential and they to provide them with all the support they need to scale their impact and become a future egalitarian, ethical and liberal leader.


Our ecosystem of support stretches from having the changemakers' work featured by a national media house and funding their initiatives through grants to giving them the opportunity to be personally trained, educated & mentored by FEELL’s global coalition of 40+ international leaders.

How are the FEELL 150 selected?

FEELL’s scouts across the country go through thousands of candidate profiles and shortlist a pool of 500 young exceptional changemakers. The esteemed Council, along with senior FEELL leaders, then put these candidate-profiles through a rigorous screening process to select 150 changemakers who they believe demonstrate significant impact leadership potential.


On being chosen for this honour the Council then reaches out to these changemakers to confer them with the title of a 'FEELL 150 Changemaker' in recognition of their contributions to society and commitment to furthering the SDG Goals set by the United Nations.


The FEELL 150 Changemakers are felicitated by our leaders at an annual conference where the Council would officially confer our changemakers with the title of a FEELL 150 Changemaker and enroll them into a holistic leadership ecosystem of support that would help the changemakers scale their impact and fast-track their leadership journeys.



When: 6pm IST, 1st May, 2022

Where: Virtual (Online)

Who: Only those who have received a letter of invitation from our Global Council are allowed to attend the conference along with their parents/guardians.

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Paul Ruppert

Campaign Strategist for President G.H.Bush & President Reagan;  Former Advisory board member, US Dept of Defense; MPA, Harvard

dr. samar verma

Former Global Head of Economic Justice Policy, Oxfam, Britain; Former Professor at Oxford University; Program Officer Ford Foundation

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Rory moore

Advisor, UK Govt; Director External Relations,London Politica; Youth Representative, United Nations; Martin Luther King awardee; IR from LSE



Sustainability & Responsible Business at Accenture; World Economic Forum Fellow ; Design Coach, INSEAD; Mphil Oxford University

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Dr. ritu dewan

Senior Advisor to the UNDP & World Bank on Gender policy; Former President Indian Association of Women's Studies;


Aysha valery

Negotiations Coach, Harvard Kennedy School; Former Attorney Advisor,US Dept of Justice; MPA Harvard University; JD Law Cornell; Int Studies, Yale 

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dan kiernan

Career Coach at University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School; Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce;


vishal shah

Former Director Citigroup Investment Banking & Technology, New York. Founder  i-Chef: Former Auditor, Advisor for KPMG,JP Morgan

The Global Council & FEELL Mentors who will be speaking at the conference

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