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The FEELL Fellowship is a nominate-only programme.

FEELL scouts exceptional young changemakers from across the country who have immense leadership potential and have substantially demonstrated it. We are looking for young individuals who possess a deep propensity for social change; who have impacted the lives of people around them, in their local communities and workspaces, and who are determined to elevate the magnitude of their impact to a global scale.


We believe that the best way to fully assess the leadership potential of an individual and to gauge the impact they have had is through reference testimonies. When another person has seen or felt change around them, when they can vouch for the credibility and potential of someone else, that is when we think real impact has been achieved. That is what we believe to be a hallmark of a true leader.

Thus in order to be considered for the FEELL Fellowship, a potential candidate must be nominated for it by someone else. (We do not accept direct student applications. However if you believe you have the credentials but haven't been nominated yet by our council or institutional partners yet- Check out our Community Nominations channel ).


 Global Impact Leadership Council 

The Global Council for Impact Leadership comprises world leaders, industry veterans, and academic premiers from across the world who have consistently set the bar for impact and innovation through their work. They are, therefore, best placed to identify a new generation of young changemakers to take forward the baton in impact leadership.


How does the Council nominate?

FEELL’s scouts across the country identify a pool of 500 young exceptional changemakers in India. These changemakers are exclusively founders/co-founders/leaders of social enterprises, start-ups, non-profits & other social community initiatives- who have at a very young age already driven significant impact in their local communities and are at an advanced stage in their impact leadership journey. 

The esteemed council, along with senior FEELL leaders, then send candidate-profiles through a rigorous screening process to shortlist 150 changemakers from the pool of 500 and confer them with the title of a

FEELL 150 Changemaker

in recognition of their contributions to society and commitment to furthering the SDG Goals set by the United Nations.


The FEELL 150 Changemakers are felicitated by our leaders at an annual conference. As a result of receiving this recognition they receive an automatic nomination for the FEELL Fellowship & LCAP, the opportunity to get their work featured by a national media house and earn an illustrious financial grant to fund their social initiative.

 Institutional Nomination 

Students can also be nominated by Principals/Deans/heads of educational institutions and youth organisations.


Schools and universities are definitive stepping stones to a young individual’s impact leadership journey. Not only are these institutions centers of knowledge and excellence but they are also testing grounds for potential leaders to experiment their ideas and display caliber. Therefore institutional heads are well placed to nominate young changemakers from within their institutions as they are prime witnesses to their potential and can vouch for them to represent their institution at the fellowship.


(We believe socio-economic background does not determine leadership potential- Thus to truly tap into the best talent in the country our institutional partners & scouts look at candidates from the best international schools as well as candidates from government schools.)


 Community Nomination 

In a country with more than 100 million people aged 15-18, we recognise that it is not possible for our Scouts to reach out to everyone deserving of a spot in our programs. Thus, we have a channel open for Community Nominations- for people within local communities across the country to be able to nominate young changemakers who haven't been recognised by our council or institutional partners yet.

If you know someone who would be a perfect fit for this programme, who harbors a strong passion for social change and has displayed their potential for leadership – you can nominate them.


If you yourself wish to be part of our Fellowship and believe you have the credentials that we are looking for- Get someone who can vouch for your leadership potential and ability to make an impact, to nominate you. The nominator could be a professional colleague, supervisor, teacher/ professor or a classmate.

In order to preserve the quality of our pool of candidates, we do not consider nominations from family members under any circumstance and only consider nominations who have interacted with you in a professional capacity (academically or at the workplace).



Please note that a nomination through any channel does not imply direct admission into our Fellowship program. The nomination is merely the first step of an extensive & competitive 3 stage selection process that all nominated candidates undergo. On clearing the final round of the process (a personal interview) a candidate would be given an offer letter to enroll into the FEELL Leadership ecosystem.

Community Nominations
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