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Futures Egalitarian Ethical Liberal Leaders (FEELL) is a social enterprise that has brought together leaders & change-makers from across the globe to reform early leadership education across socio-economic backgrounds in a bid to solve the global leadership crisis.

Socio-economic crises of the last decade has demonstrated the failure of current leadership education. This education that is largely geared towards executives & professionals in their mid 30s is not only outdated but also focuses on an age group with rigid preset leadership styles that are difficult to mould. Our mission is to intervene at an early age in high school where we can imbibe empathy, ethics & egalitarian values into our future leaders while creating an urge within them to solve community problems.

We do this in 2 ways-

Through our 9 week intensive FEELL Fellowship we equip young potential change-makers with the Industry & people skills required to meet changing socio-economic landscapes, while giving them a deeper understanding of the challenges of social (gender, racial, religious, sexual), economic & climate inequity which have become litmus tests for leaders across industries.

We use the revenue we raise from our FEELL fellowship to fund our 2 year scholarship program that provides girls from underprivileged backgrounds access to the same industry experiences, skill building sessions and international network of leaders & mentors that our fellows have access to, free of cost. We believe in education as a force for social mobility and that in order to truly build a new generation of leaders, financial resources should not determine access to quality education.

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