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India’s first leadership program providing young future leaders (aged 15-18) with a deeper understanding of the leadership challenges of social, economic & climate inequalities while equipping them with the industry expertise & skills required to deliver impact amidst the disruptive 4th Industrial Revolution.

The fellowship is delivered by 30+ global leaders from 5 continents and 21 industries who have led the most powerful governments, largest corporations and impact organisations in the world. Our faculty have successfully managed to grow large organisations and impact millions of lives by putting people and ethics at the heart of their leadership values. They are thus uniquely positioned to inculcate the social, entrepreneurial & institutional skills that are crucial to succeed in leadership positions in todays rapidly changing industry environments.


Learning from and getting mentored by the most successful academic, industry and youth leaders in the world everyday for 9 weeks would provide our fellows with a rare multitude of perspectives that would fundamentally change the way they think about their careers, passions and how they fit into society around them. The Fellowship will  provide a transformative experience, crucial to success at universities & corporations in this age of activism.

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72 hrs of Live Interactive Lectures

International award winning youth leaders & global scholars lead our Problem focused modules; Industry Titans with years of leadership experience lead our skill based modules.


Industry Simulation Based Evaluations

We don't believe in rote learning. We judge the performance of our fellows based on their ability to execute critical thinking, problem solving and learnt skills in real world industry scenarios.


Stand out for admissions and jobs

Top uni admissions officers look for students who can meet the academic rigour at their universities, while having shown a demonstrated


Exclusive Access to our Leadership & Career Accelerator Program

Only FEELL Fellows are eligible to enroll into our Leadership & Career Accelerator Program upon successful completion of the program


Experiential & Service Learning

Every module begins and ends with a real life industry & field experience, aimed at taking learning beyond the classroom into the real world.


30 Networking Fireside chats

Our fellows would interact with our youth leaders each from a different top university and industry, to learn more about their journeys and get advice regarding admissions, career & life.


Bridge Education Inequity in India

We use a portion of the funds we raise to fund the education of girls from lower socio-economic backgrounds, to ensure that financial constraints dont inhibit access to quality education.

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The fellowship is designed to supplement high school/university education. Thus the fellowship is scheduled in a manner that enables students to pursue the fellowship during their school/university academic year.

Admissions for the next batch will open in spring 2023.

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