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1. Should be born between 1st January, 2004 &  31st December, 2007.

2. Must have demonstrated exceptional leadership potential.

3. A commitment to social service, problem solving and/or demonstrated record of social impact.

4. Fluent in written & spoken English.


Next Batch Commencement Date: Summer, 2023

Applications open soon in spring, 2023

Program Duration: 7-9 weeks

Expected Fellow Time Commitment: Approx 15 hrs/week

Admissions: The FEELL Fellowship is a nominate-only programme. Thus in order to be considered for the FEELL Fellowship, a potential candidate must be nominated for it by someone else through one of our 3 nomination channels. Read more about nominations here. 

(We do not accept direct student applications. However if you believe you have the credentials but haven't been nominated yet by our council or institutional partners yet- Check out our Community Nominations channel ).

Please note that a nomination through any channel does not imply direct admission into our Fellowship program. The nomination is merely the first step of an extensive & competitive 3 stage selection process that all nominated candidates undergo. On clearing the final round of the process (a personal interview) a candidate would be given an offer letter to enroll into the FEELL Leadership ecosystem.


Can I pursue the fellowship program during my school/university academic year?

The fellowship is designed to supplement high school/university education. Thus the fellowship is scheduled in a manner that enables students to pursue the fellowship during their school/university academic year, without compromising on any regular academic commitments.


Where is the program conducted?

Since our faculty is from around the world, our lectures and networking sessions are delivered live online, with the field experiences conducted in person. (Subject to Covid-19 restrictions)

What is the Cost of the program?

FEELL prides itself on providing high quality education on par with the best educational institutes in the world at a fraction of the cost charged by the top 10 universities in the world. In order to provide young changemakers with the highest quality of early leadership education available in the world - the cost includes tuition fees, operations & technology fees. However we believe that financial constraints should not act as a barrier to quality education. Thus we provide upto 75% of our fellows with financial aid ranging from 10%-100%. For more details reach out to us at


We provide Financial Need Based Scholarships to upto 75% of our fellows. We believe that a lack of financial resources should not prohibit access to quality education. Tuition fee waivers (up to 100% scholarship) are available. To know if you qualify and want to apply for it send across an email of intent to


Admissions: Only FEELL fellows are eligible for FEELL's LCAP.


How are the mentorship sessions conducted?

Online, one session a week or as mutually agreed upon by your mentor and you. The sessions are flexible, they can be concluded within a span of 2 months or stretched uptil 5 months, according to the needs of the mentee (subject to mutual consent)


When are the internships alloted? 

The internship will typically be between 4-8 weeks long and can be availed by the student at any time from August to December. The internship would be conducted in hybrid mode to allow for regular school commitments and would require anywhere between 15-18hrs a week time commitment depending on the organisational needs.


Can I enrol into the LCAP without doing the Fellowship?

Unfortunately No.

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