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Preparing you for the future of work in public policy, politics & the public sector

The FEELL Future of the State Fellowship, brings together a global coalition of industry, nonprofit and government leaders to give aspiring policy leaders and civil servants, insights into the volatile future of work in public policy & politics. Through industry lectures, networking and live industry projects, the fellowship prepares you for success and impact at the workplace.


The future of the state is being shaped by The 4th Industrial (Technological) Revolution, Climate Change & The Social Justice Revolution.

These revolutions will fundamentally change the way the workplace and society functions, posing new existential challenges. Only job-seekers and aspiring leaders who understand these changes and have the skills to adapt to them, will advance at the future of work in the public sector.


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Campaign Strategist for President G.H.Bush

1591724850963 (1)_edited.jpg

Antonia pereira

Focal Point for Gender Equality, International Criminal Court

JyCVBJYh (1)_edited.jpg

john heilprin

United Nations Correspondent, NY; Fr. Chief Associated Press

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Professor, MIT ; Consulant, Govt Saudi Arabia & Peru



Fr. Global Head of Policy, Oxfam; Lecturer, Oxford Uni



Attorney Advisor, US Dept of Justice;  Lecturer, Harvard Uni

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Fr. Press and Digital Advisor to the Prime Minister of France

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Senior Advisor to UNDP & World Bank on Gender Policy


Rory moore

Advisor, UK Govt; Forbes 30 U30; United Nations Youth Rep

Meet all of your Faculty here



2 Months


University students & young working professionals

Time Commitment

12 hrs/week



Live Online

Cohort Starting

June, 2023


No theoretical learning.

Practical industry insights delivered live by a global coalition of eminent policy leaders.


Network and establish personal connections with global leaders in politics and policymaking, building networks crucial for career success.


Gain real world experience by executing a live industry project for an industry client in the policy/political space. You gain work experience, mentorship & a certificate from the industry partner.



In-class learning: Our lectures are tailored to provide real-world insights and a diverse range of industry perspectives that are unavailable through traditional forms of education. Learning from accomplished policy and political leaders from across the globe, who bring a cumulative 500+ years of government experience from 5 continents, will fundamentally change the way you view government, your careers, and your role in society. The fellowship program promises a transformative experience, critical to success in the public sector of the future.

Industry learning: Across the 2 months every fellow works on a real world social industry project that supplements their in-class learning experience. The fellows work in groups to meet the needs of their client and will have weekly check-ins with them to ensure the successful execution of the project. The work is self-paced, providing the fellows with the flexibility to work at their own convenience.


Upon successful completion of the program, fellows will receive a Graded Diploma from FEELL and a Work Certificate issued by the industry partner for the successful execution of the 2-month industry project.

Attendance for fellowship sessions is mandatory. To graduate, fellows must achieve a grade C or higher. FEELL places a strong emphasis on real-world relevance over traditional rote learning. Instead of traditional exams, evaluations in the form of case studies and simulations are conducted after each module, with final grades being determined through a combination of in-class performance, module evaluations, and industry project performance.


Approx 12-15 hrs/week (Including all in-class, self work & industry project commitments). All lectures and fellowship commitments are conducted in the evenings or over the weekends so as to not coincide with any full-time work or university commitments of the fellows.


Screenshot (586).png

 In addition to the above schedule, Fellows are expected to spend an average of 7 hrs/week of self work on the industry project.

Note- This is a representative schedule only, subject to change based on faculty availability.




  • Must be a minimum of 18 years old or a maximum of 25 years of age, as of 30th May, 2023.


  • Should either be a university student pursuing a bachelors/masters degree in any field 


         A young working professional from any sector. 


  • Demonstrated leadership potential, commitment to social service and passion for Public Policy/Politics.


  • May work full-time or part-time, but must commit to completing the 2 month program.


  • Should be fluent in written & spoken English.


We encourage applications from students from all walks of life, irrespective of whether they have any educational background or work experience in the public sector. However we strongly look for candidates with demonstrated leadership potential, a strong commitment to social impact and a demonstrable interest/passion for study and work in public policy and politics.


Standard Application Track:

Candidates who meet our above eligibility criteria can apply by directly filling out and submitting an online application form.


Application Process:

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Time taken by the admissions committee to reach a decision might vary, however you can expect to receive an admissions decision 3-4 weeks after you submit your application.

Stage 1: Application Form

Fill out the application form on our website. (This includes attaching a complete CV and answering 2 essay questions.)


Stage 2: Interview

On being shortlisted, you will be invited for a live online interview OR be asked to submit a pre-recorded spoken video answering 2-3 prompts.


Stage 3: Results

Your application will either be successful, unsuccessful or waitlisted. 

Waitlisted candidates will hear from us again in early May about their final result. If your application is successful, you will need to accept the offer of admission by paying the fellowship fees within 7 days of the offer, to secure your seat.

Merit Scholarship Track: 

FEELL believes in nurturing the next generation of egalitarian, ethical, liberal leaders at a young age, who can deliver transformational impact in the public sector, amidst the disruptive future of work. 


To this end, we reach out to select policy and political science professors from Universities across India, to nominate students within their classroom with leadership potential, for a Merit Based Scholarship for the program. If you have been nominated by your professor for a Merit Scholarship, you would go through the same application process as standard applicants. However, if your application is successful, you would be offered a 30% Merit based scholarship for the program.

Eligibility & Admissions



We have 2 Application rounds, with offers being made out on a rolling basis. Thus you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. As an advantage, Early Bird Applicants have a lower Program Fee, if selected for the program.


Early Bird Application Deadline: 10th April, 2023


Final Round Application Deadline: 21st May, 2023


Program Commencement Date: June, 2023 (Tentative)


FEELL prides itself on providing high quality education on par with the best educational institutes in the world at a fraction of the cost charged by the top 10 universities in the world. In order to provide young leaders with the highest quality of early leadership education available in the world, we charge a nominal program fee for our programs to cover the costs incurred in executing the program. The program fee is all inclusive and is payable only after an applicant has been offered a seat of admission into the program.


Standard Applicant Program Fee:

Early Bird Applicant: Rs 35k

Final Round Applicant: Rs 49k


Merit Scholar Program Fee:

Candidates who are nominated for a Merit Scholarship receive a 30% Merit Scholarship.

Early Bird Applicant: Rs 24.5k

Final Round Applicant: Rs 34.5k


Can I pursue the fellowship program during my university academic year or while working a full time job?

The fellowship is designed to be a part time program that students can pursue along with full-time university education or a full-time job. The fellowship is scheduled, with industry projects being self paced and lectures scheduled in the evenings or over the weekend so that it doesn't clash with any external work/academic commitments of our fellows.


Where is the program conducted?

Since our faculty is from around the world, our lectures and networking sessions are conducted live online on a video conferencing platform.


What tangible outcomes do I receive after completing the fellowship?

A Graded diploma from FEELL.

A 2 month work experience certificate from the industry client that you work with.

A Global Network of connections with Policy and Government leaders

A life-long peer network of like-minded policy minds.

Industry insights on public policy and politics from leaders from 5 continents.

Fees, Funding & Deadlines
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