Rory Moore

Rory is an award-winning campaigner, speaker, and advisor. He recently received the Point of Light Award from UK PM Boris Johnson for Founding CCV Global, one of the world’s largest Covid-19 aid networks, with 35,000 volunteers across 40 countries, that has been praised for its impact by the United Nations and the OECD. He is currently an advisor to the UK government on developing a National Volunteering strategy and is the Director of External Relations for London Politica - the world’s largest Pro bono political risk advisory firm. In 2021 he won the Martin Luther King Award in recognition of his status as one of the top youth campaigners in the United Kingdom and has also been a Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum & a youth representative at the United Nations. He has been prominently featured by the BBC, delivered lectures across 4 continents, has spoken in the House of Commons, advised members of the British Cabinet & his advocacy work secured the introduction of a 16 &17-year-old railcard in the UK. Rory is also currently studying at the London School of Economics pursuing a degree in International Relations.