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1. Should be born between 1st January, 2003 &  31st December, 2006.

2. Must have demonstrated exceptional leadership potential.

3. A commitment to social service, problem solving and/or demonstrated record of social impact.

4. Fluent in written & spoken English.


Our selection process aims at identifying & selecting students who our leaders believe have the potential to be future leaders & change makers. While we do look for strong academic performance from prospective fellows, we prioritize students who have been in leadership positions and/or have made social impact in their local communities. We do not look for 'perfect' applications & do not expect students to be good at everything. We want students who are ambitious, creative, passionate & driven towards driving change in their respective field of interest.


Do not fill in your application from the point of view of what you think we want to hear. We aren’t your conventional educational institution & this isn’t your conventional college application. We want authenticity and we want to know your unique story. If that unique story is one of tremendous all round achievement- that’s great! If that unique story is one of unfulfilled potential & one dimensional achievements- that’s great too! True leadership begins by being true to yourself, your strengths & weaknesses.

The Different stages of the application and selection process are as follows:


 Online Application & Review

This is the first round of elimination. Candidates need to fill out the application form which includes information about their academic achievements, leadership demonstration, community service and work experience, extra & co-curricular activities, an optional LOR and 3 brief essay questions as a part of the written application.


Group Discussion

Shortlisted candidates will be assigned to groups for extempore discussion on topics of current socio-economic relevance.


Personal Conversation with us

We don’t believe in traditional interviews for students. It puts them under pressure, induces anxiety & leads to students not showing us their true personalities. We want to get to know our applicants in a relaxed environment that enables them to show us their true potential. This round will be an informal video conversation between the candidate and us. We will use this time to get to know potential fellows at a deeper level, understand what motivates them & the way they think about the world around them.

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