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Lecture Topics

The Rise of Cult Populism: From Sanders & Petro to Trump & Modi

What is populism and how is it shaping the world? Exploring how globalisation, diminishing cultural status & class warfare have given rise to cult leadership with major consequences for business, policy & politics.

Policing Apple, Meta, Amazon & Google (Regulating Big Tech)

With Big Tech controlling our lives- One of the biggest policy challenges of this century is the ability of the government to safeguard human rights through effective regulation. How can the Govt keep up with new technological advances-The Need for public interest technologists in policymaking? Why is it so hard to regulate Big Tech? How can it be done and the pitfalls of not doing so.

The Flip side: From Mass Surveillance to Service Delivery

Data collection, Mass Surveillance, voter profiling, citizen manipulation, opposition elimination. How can the Govt misuse Tech to track your every move? Lessons from China, India & the US. How can organisations protect themselves against it? The flipside: Tech can revolutionize meaningful civic engagement and government service delivery.

The Falling Estates of Democracy & the Global Rise of Fascism

Freedom of speech, Controlled media, Control of Judiciary & EC, Revisionist history; Minority oppression; Falling human rights & collapsing federalism- Understanding the Global trends and the mechanisms enabling these trends.

The Rise of ‘Enviralism’: Power of the People

Public enviralism will swing future elections and reshape purchasing decisions. Governments will be increasingly charged with addressing it- Analysing the reasons behind growing public frustrations with climate policy inaction. Why is climate legislation so hard to pass? How will rising enviralism force companies & politicians towards sustainability, thereby eliminating those who refuse?​

From Adani, Ambani to Koch & the Waltons- Big Money in Politics

A deep dive into how ‘Democratic systems’ are rigged by a handful of billionaires - How do the rich control all our politicians & political parties? How do they drive policy priorities? What does this control mean for average citizen interests & businesses in the future? Transitioning to Grassroot financing.

Welcome to the 85 World!

85% of the world lives outside of northern America and Europe; The fate of this century depends on what happens in the 85 world with profound effects on business, politics, and society. Future trends: Rapid urbanisation; Growing middle classes & migration; Emerging markets; The Dawn of the Age of aspiration and the threat of the “left-behinds”

The ‘R’ Word

Rising religious divides in an increasingly polarised society: A deep dive into how majoritarian religious violence affects society, business & the economy and how to diffuse it through politics & policy?

Society vs the State

Exploring rising tensions between society & the state. How has rapid social & cultural changes, income inequality & failing capitalism fueled the collapse of democracy? Why have autocratic models of governance become more attractive - incremental progress & policy paralysis? What are the consequences of this trend on industry & society as we know it? 

Staying Ahead of Climate Legislation

What are unanimously agreed upon climate policy solutions that need to be passed across the next decade? Analysing the climate mandates that are expected to be imposed by govts on corporations & society across the next decade. What are impediments to them passing? What would their implementation mean for different sectors and how can you prepare your workspace for them?

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I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.

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